Grow Your Brand

Great brands begin with great people.

When people recognize the greatness of your brand, magic happens.

Maybe you open a new location.

Or two...

or three.

Maybe you hire more employees.

Maybe you expand from a digital space into the real world.

One thing is certain:

As your business expands, you need to be prepared.

And it all starts with your team.

Growing People

We practice what we preach.

You learn from us by doing, and we learn from you by listening. We can only do either of these things by creating room to grow—together.

We’re always learning new things, expanding our network and finding resources to help you better show up for your incredible brand.

Growing Brands

Grow your brand bigger than you thought possible.

Operators of amazing brands are awesome at branding, marketing, creating and executing in the restaurant, retail and hospitality space. We fill in the gaps by helping you find the right funding to grow, the best locations to expand into, and best real estate at the right rent structures.

Don’t spend decades learning how to do it all. Tap into our extensive knowledge and partnership network to help your brand reach new heights!

Partnership with

Your financial structure shouldn’t be one size fits all.

Growing a brand is capital intense but it’s a tricky thing to get right. Too much financing, and a brand can be brought to its knees as its just starting. Too little financing, and an otherwise great brand may never get off the ground. Friends, family, money out of your own pocket, equity raises, and SBA loans may not be enough.

Cara Zale works hand-in-hand with OLIO Fi to bring projects to life. With over 17 years sourcing financing for a growing and capital intense restaurant brand, we help you find and build the best debt and equity structure to fit your business’s unique needs.

Grow Your Brand with Cara Zale

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